SAHM vs Working Moms?

I just finished read my Yahoo inbox and I stucked at one subject which is a SAHM said that working moms are bad parents in one forum. Haha Ini boleh menimbulkan WWF between SAHM and WM. Haha.. Ok, ini bukan entry utk provoke sesape. Just wanna share saje. (^V*)

Ohw, before that, I'm sure ade yang tatau lagi kot the shortform SAHM?
SAHM, so called Stay-At-Home-Moms and WM of coz laa stands for Working Moms.

Haa..betul ke working moms are bad?? Well, only if you let your job take precedence over your children. Like workaholic moms la..sampai tak pedulik anak kat umah jadi ultraman ke raksasa gogon ke dan segala isi rumah lintangpukang..then people can jugde kot. But it's depend, sometime there must be a reason why they become workaholic. So don't jugde people if u dont know them! Hahaha =) Fitnah namanya..dan ketahuilah anda bahawasanya memfitnah orang itu sama seperti dosa membunuh org. T_T *** insaf cepat***

From my view, working mommy's have to work at their jobs and most of them take on the majority of the household chores as well, penat tau..haha. But when I spent whole weekend with just stay at home, I can imagine mcm mana bila menjadi seorang SAHM. Same penat jugak nokkk!

Well, being a SAHM, those are people who are privileged and obviously don't have to work. Lucky them. I would love to be in that boat, but I am not, like most people, I have to work to live. T_T Of coz, I envy with few of my friends yang decide to be SAHM after delivered. I said, WOW WOW WOW! Hopefully, one day we are stable enough, and I will be a SAHM...ermm wait a minute...err i think WAHM is better for me, so called Work-At-Home-Mom or buleh jugak jadi Wirda-At-Home-Mom!!! Hahaha :p

So, my name is Khan Wirda. I'm a working mommy and am proud of it. I'm trying to give my son more than what I was blessed with. And that means I have to work. I try my best to makeup those lost hours at work with my Irfan dan adik2nye nanti...ahaks!!! (^V^)/

Mama heart you, Alif Irfan!

++ See mcm ni lah kalo jadi Wirda-at-home-mom..with my TSP business maybe! Sooo suwiit~++

Korang mcm mana pulak??



peah @ peps said...

like this part - 'being a SAHM, those are people who are privileged and obviously don't have to work'

my other half tak bagi berenti keje..sob..sob...tak mampu..

^wirda^ said...

peps :: itu la kan.. byk sgt commitment.. hihi


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