~ a letter to my Hafizurrahman ~

Dearest hubby,

Ermm where to start.. Well, today is our 3rd anniversary! Of coz u know rite? hihi..Ok, theres a couple words I want to say...

First of all, thank you Allah SWT for blessing our marriage. I am always grateful to Allah SWT that you are my husband. (not cliche haa..:p) You are the sweetest, smartest and I am always amazed when you do something new. It give me a source of pride and love to watch experiences that you encounter in your life and how you try to overcome the obstacles in our life as you hurry to some future goal that I can only guess at.

Thank you dear.. for always believing in me, for never giving up on me, for your support phisically and emotionally, and for our cute lil Irfan. May Allah SWT bless all we do and I pray we're together eternally.

You are truly my better half...my photographer..my doremon..my pumpkin..ok ok u're my everything! =) I love you more than yesterday but less than tomorrow!


your cc,


ur hasben, B said...

Happy Anniversary CC.

thank you for all things u did to us, for your hard work and effort to be better every single day, for being the best mom to little irfan, and the greatest wife for me, For cooking the superlicious food every single day, for trying the very best to fulfill my appetite, for baking the most delicious cuppies and that harrods`-kind-of biscuit, for conquering tv to watch ur favorite cerekaraa or lagenda setan, for being very calm and cool when im at double hot degrees,for sharing ur stories, for being by my side every single time i need you, for showing ur cute face everytime i look at you and theres so much more that i wanna say starting from the words "for" but thats for next year anniversary, perhaps. :D

thanks so much sweetiey. ure apple of my eyes, sugar of my soul, and candy of my heart.

Love- B.

( to others, sorry that i couldn't find appropriate card to her, so i guess this is the best medium to express my feeling, and share my thoughts to everyone.hehe )

pardon me for my broken grammar.

..:: WiRdA ::.. said...

haha...thanks for the long comment, ok, it's replacement card ha..hiihihi.. ok la tu, at least kat sini bleh simpan sampai bebila..

love u..

btw the harrods biscuits are known as Macarons.. haha

Anonymous said...

takde button like huhu.. happy anniversary, moge makin tabah badapi liku2 kehidupan..moge makin murah rezeki

atie said...

perghhh~ske ayat ni

'for conquering tv to watch ur favorite cerekaraa or lagenda setan'


Mohamad Faizal said...

selamat ulangtahun percintaan! semoga kalian akan terus bercinta untuk at least 50 tahun lagi.

..:: WiRdA ::.. said...

anon :: a ah la..lupa nk tukar..nanti ya..haha

ati :: hah rajin btoi baca komen..:P

ijaicool :: ya tima kasih. moga percintaan anda juga sampai ke jinjang pelamin bersama pakej photography mangotouch..hahaha

peah @ peps said...

Happy anniversary...wirda and husband..

Seriously...sangat romantik!


..:: WiRdA ::.. said...

thanks peps!
oh sy silap komen kat entry lain..haha. eh anda blom jawab soalan saya.


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