another happy moment to write...


It's our 4th anniversary!

I baked him a redvelvet cake since he said he will be late that nite. At the morning, i cut a slice of it and place it on a plate with my simple deco and put it on his table, together with a picture of mine..so called "my model picture". hihi. Well..there is a story behind the picture actually..:P then i'm off to office as usual.

Few hours later... i received bbm from him. Hehe..surprise surprise hubby!~

Then I took halfday + 1 day AL as he asked me to do so. And he brought me to a surprise romantic getaway~ weehuuu...

OMG... blissful...what a wonderful place... i love the room... i love the bed so much.. i love the peaceful seaview..i love Avillion Water Chalet... he knows how i adore a place like this.. Thank you so much dear!

open bathroom.. so nice, kan?

Beautiful sunset from the balcony...*love*

We had a dinner...err table for three.. candle lite dinner is not suggested. ~( ^V^)V

Surprise surprise... haha, i put the gift on the bed right b4 we went to dinner and i let him to enter the room first after we came back...tadaaaa! =)

Good Morning Thurday~~~~ theehehehe

Morning activities after having our breakfast; feed-a-pet.. yeah there's a small pet farm that open daily for guest to join their activities. But look at my son.. takut pulak bila tgk banyak2 binatang datang dekat...adoiiii..

Style....but pity Irfan (pity mama too T_T) cannot join Abah ..it's an adult pool only....

....budak2 main kat pool biasa saja okeyyy... haha

The two of us.....with an adorable son... LOVE!

I always pray for our happiness...forever and always...

Thank you love, for another blissful gateway... for the surprise gift.. for the moment we shared.. and for your pure love.

love u. love our kid.


zue said...

so sweet... yum yum

b said...


thanks for the sweetest memories,
thanks for being u.love u.


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