I'm 30 and I know it!

I baked this pavlova for myself. Happy 30th Birthday to me!

It been a month already. I supposed to post this entry early January,it slipped my mind. The party was held on 7 January, at my home sweet home. haha dh lama kan?

Actually it's all about this cute lil boy, my nephew, Ammar Danial. He turns 1 on 8 January, a day before mine. His exciting parent want to celebrate at my house. So we combined all Capricorn babies - 30 (me) + 1 (danial) = 31 (my big bro). Nice one!

Triple celebration~!

Hihi I got a present from mak! Cayanggg makk! muahhh

Org yg wajib bg hadiah adalah Encik Arjuna. Ngee~ and it was a....

TED BAKER's purse!!!

wishlish tercapai. hihi Millions thanks to hubby.

Oh and I got another purse from my big bro n SIL.. Victoria Secret fresh from London.. Thanks alots guys!

Since I got 2 purses, so I wish there will be more rezeki for me n family..InsyaAllah.. amin.

P/S:: Pavlova is open for order now!

3 series club!

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