angan-angan cik puan mama

Harini doblas aribulan dua. Lagi tiga hari, birthday anak mama yg omey2 itu. So like others mommies, mama pun berangan-angan nak buat 1st besday bash party utk my omey2. Bestnye kalo bleh buat. Insyallah mama buat kalo takde pape hal. Ekceli mama sedikit saspen utk buat party2 nih..agak neves gitu, apsal tah. Tp utk anak mama yg baru tumbuh 3 batang gigi semlm, InsyaAllah mama buat juga even bukan majlis besar pun, sekecil majlis yg cuma sebiji kek ticik pun mama bg kat irfan omey.
Memandangkan mama neves, so mama gugel2 la pasal 1st besday party ni. So mama nk sharing sket what i found..

yg nih ada mcm2. kalo nk save bajet..tayah folo sgt theme2 nih..hahaha. Antaranya yg glemer skrg:-
  • Ben10 Theme
  • Upin Ipin Theme
  • CARs Theme
  • Elmo Theme
When should I have my party?
  • Keep the party short 1- 1 1/2 hours is about themost a one year old can handle without getting overstimulated and possibly cranky.
  • Schedule around nap times. Late morning, allows for a morning nap or late afternoon to allow for an afternoon nap.
  • Weekend parties usually work better for parents and other adults.

How many guest should I invite?

  • Most first birthday parties are for the adults inyour child's life (family and friends). Invite the mostspecial friends and relatives.
  • Keep it to a manageable number of guests for you and your space. Keep in mind, that you will becaring for your little one at the same time.
  • If you intend to invite other babies or toddlers1- 3 guests is ideal with a maximum of 5.
  • Parents of little ones should be included as guests so they can assist their children and you if necessary.

Should I serve food?

  • Although it is not necessary to provide a meal,finger foods are always nice. Especially with babies.
  • Check with ALL parents regarding food allergies andsafety. Keep packaging fun but safe.

What else should I keep in mind?

  • Be flexible!!!! All parents know that children and theirbehaviors are not predictable. Un-scheduled rests,tears, accidents etc. are to be expected at a baby'sfirst birthday. Just relax and go with the flow.
  • To help you be flexible...arrange for help from a reliablefriend or family member who can watch your child orentertain while you change a diaper, pick up a spill etc.
  • If you plan on having children at the party keep plentyof toys and activities available to keep them occupied.
  • Baby-proof the party space.

Menu pun depend lah pada bajet yg ade.. But mama pk, kalo buat pun maybe among my close relatives and frenz saja kot..Bajet tak byk pun..maklumlaa besday omey2 tgh bulan..auw auw.. We'll see...

mama yg still planning,


:cahya: said...

cool... :)
happy planning... :)

b said...

hum umh...da nak cecah setahun dah si kecik comel tuh..huhu...nampaknya kena selebret besday si comel di perantauan laa jawabnya...jom buat di pesisir pantai mau...? amcam??/

hushuss said...

yaa..silakan buat dan invite kami2 ye wirda.

happy 1st birthday omey2 irfan. semoga jadi anak yang soleh. semoga sentiasa dirahmati Allah dunia dan akhirat.

Farah said...

happy birthday irfan!!

happy planning mama irfan hehe

peah @ peps said...

hehe..sama la perasaan kite..

anyway..ada someone yg saya kenal...spent 1k - 2k....utk birthday party sahaja...



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