I'm 30 and I know it!

I baked this pavlova for myself. Happy 30th Birthday to me!

It been a month already. I supposed to post this entry early January,it slipped my mind. The party was held on 7 January, at my home sweet home. haha dh lama kan?

Actually it's all about this cute lil boy, my nephew, Ammar Danial. He turns 1 on 8 January, a day before mine. His exciting parent want to celebrate at my house. So we combined all Capricorn babies - 30 (me) + 1 (danial) = 31 (my big bro). Nice one!

Triple celebration~!

Hihi I got a present from mak! Cayanggg makk! muahhh

Org yg wajib bg hadiah adalah Encik Arjuna. Ngee~ and it was a....

TED BAKER's purse!!!

wishlish tercapai. hihi Millions thanks to hubby.

Oh and I got another purse from my big bro n SIL.. Victoria Secret fresh from London.. Thanks alots guys!

Since I got 2 purses, so I wish there will be more rezeki for me n family..InsyaAllah.. amin.

P/S:: Pavlova is open for order now!

3 series club!



Alahai lambatnye nk update blog thn baru. Almaklumlah dh tak berkerja ni, access to internet utk update2 blog ni adalah tak sempat...ecee konon padahal malas.

2011 was so wonderful year that i ever had.. Most of missions were accomplished. Travel here n there, especially tour to the rising sun country - Japan..then Bandung again... Phuket..and not to forget, Koh Pangan..a small island of Koh Samui. Oh i didnt blog about it, believe or not, we didnt bring the camera at all..hahaha

Back to our home sweet home missions, since january...tv kabinet done, dining hall done, minor renovation for plaster ceiling done, and painting the living hall also done. Just cita2 to have a walk in wardrobe je tak jalan...and also irfan's room. Harap2 this year lah. InsyaAllah.p

2011 ended with sad story. Our department was restructured and transfer to China, or the other words, it has been closed. Suddenly happened. But I believe, there will be a brighter day to me. Setiap dugaan ada hikmahnya.

So 2012, i will join 3 series group... Hahha omg! Lg beberapa minit je nih. Ok nnt lah buat entry omg i'm 30!

I pray for better life, dipermudahkan segala urusan dan rezeki. Amin.

Selamat menyambut tahun baru 2012!


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