Red Mummy, Red Hot Party!


Before semua salah sangka, this is not a story about the famous blogger, RedMummy okay! Punah lah harapan if you want to gossip2 here. It's just a red hot sizzling party that we had last wonderful Saturday nite!

Watchout, you are enter the Red Zone! Your hazel eyes will turn to red now~haha

All in red

It's all about this two hottest ladies! Auww~

All dishes were superyummiey!

my third delicious birthday cake for this beautiful year!

Kiss kiss for the supersurprise Ipad!

And all the hot chichas want it too.. bodek bodek! haha

He's always cool and steady! ^V^

euwww~ berbulu tak mata memandang?
Full of big heart!
End up with karaoke.

Big thanks to my hubby, Melati's and Carmila's cuzens for this delightful party! See you guys in next party!

My new year was started so wonderful. Pray for my happiness all over the year~!


papabear said...

happy belated birthday and happy dapat ipad!

..:: WiRdA ::.. said...

tengkiu papa bear!

b said...

wow semakin simple blog dia....malas nak menaip dah la tuh...

wonderpul parteyyy..~~ yehaa

p/s-partey i nanti i nak import hot chicks darik zoux plak aaa ingat..baru lagik happening...

Am said...

bestnye dapat ipad :D cute2 la gambar2 nih sumer haha

..:: WiRdA ::.. said...

b :: ahh guna saja melatis chichas..hahaha ala, panjang dah la ni, sbb byk gambar..haha

am :: best la kalo dpt, kalo beli sendiri, mmg berthn makan masa. haha


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