LOVE finding tag!

Mummy Khalif Aidan aka sarah was tagging me this topic.
As a blogger who gila blogging kala bosan ngan keje..for sure akan layanzzz benda camni..hehe

1) First time jumpa your hubby bila dan kat mana?
On december 2005..Kat stesen LRT masjid india..sort of blind date since we never meet b4..kenal2 kat msg berantai frenster & YM..hehe i'm sooo neves bila tgk one guy wif sunglasses come toward me and say "hi~"..ngee~~ u know what, from the picture, he imagine that i'm tall like a model..hahaha..but absolutely i'm not! I'm juz cute lil wirda, dear.....;p

2) Love at first sight?
uhm not really..(better ask him this question..) bcoz we met at alam maya..well... he started msg me after i posted my editing picture on frenster..hihi..interested maybe..and try his luck..and lucky him, I replied.

3) Who is he when the first time you met him?
ahha, he's designer.. no wonder he love my editing pichas..and from that we started to share our same hobby..design n photography..until now...but he's no longer designer @ dat company, he owned design n photography company-Mangotouch!

4) How long it takes for him to ask you out for a date?
uhm..i'm not really remember.. but it is almost a month..yeah i think so..

5) First place dating?
Kota keriangan..Genting Highland..(as i mentioned in my prev entry...)

6) How he proposed?
OMG..how come..i really2 forgot..hubby help me to remember dis.. of coz he can't propose me wif the ring mcm dlm romantic film tu.. due to my cute finger..kang tak padan plak kan..spoil you..!
but what i know, he already discussed wif his parent, then came to my mum and set the date. and what i need to say is juz...YES!
7) Special date with your hubby?
9 January ...my besday
24 may ...his besday
15 feb 2009 ...irfan's besday
29 oct 2006 ... our engagement

16 nov 2007 ...our solemnization8) Changes that he asked you to do?
no sexy2..even i'm not..haha
no bebel2..err tu kan lumrah wanita..ngeee~~
be more confident
get back my anak dara shape..OMG..T_T

9) What is about him that you love so much?
Obviously, he is a perfect suprise maker. I love that! From kapel until now..mesti ada seprais sepraisss!
caring even jrg tunjuk..
sweet talker..heart stealer..cute msg..
stick with his decision..

intelligent & smart..
10) What is about him that you wish he would change?
uhm panas baran..
sepah2 barang..
be more relax..jgn kelam kabut
dont do last minutes thing..
tlg bgn pagi2 hari ahad dan kita pegi pasar tani..bleh? hihi

11) You will lose your mind and crack your head when he..
he get mad..so horror...everything gonna be not ok..! huhu

12) You will smile through your eyes for the whole day when he..
give me suprise gift..nak plak yg mmg diidam2kan kan..
support me to get my wishlist..
13) Complete below sentences, "My love towards my hubby is as big as..
a distance between langit dan bumi..
erm actually, he used to ask me this question long time ago..and he also answered to his-cepat-lupa-wifey nih..ape ek...?


So i TAG these ppl...

HUSPA, ROSIE, YANA, NISS (sila buat lepas kawin this week), IDA, FARAH, AM, LIZZIE, AIZA, LIZA CAHYA, ZUE and PEPS...


i love my hubby,


NisS^ImmEr said...

hahah. hg buat after 2 yrs of marriage. would u mind waiting for my 2nd anniversary? ahahahha

ummi Eiz said...

halamak ...dah kene tag daa

^wirda^ said...

niss :: haha tu dia.. jenuh menunggu..kang hg jadi pelupa mcm aku..

yana :: ya mari buka rahsia..

Farah said...

ko adalah org ke 3 suh aku wat tag ni..nampaknye aku memang kena buat jugak sebelom ade org ke 4 yang suruh hahaha

^wirda^ said...

farah :: bagus..sila buat..hahaa

ukmstudio said...

Masa ajak kawen adakah dia kata "Will you marry me my dear...?" dalam keadaan suara yang mantap? Nampak wajah macam 'macho' je....

hot mama said...

ho ho ho...sudah kena tag... tp xdak la gambaq yg mabeles mcm wirda hehe...


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